Robert F Vanney, Architect 360 North Robert St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

How long have you known the owner(s)/principals?
– 6 years (Approx)
What has been your general experience with the above?
– I have worked with Cassnik Contracting, LLC & Doug Hrabik, owner/president on many commercials projects throughout the United States.
What is your business opinion of the above?
– Cassnik Contracting is an experienced & know ledg able contractor with strong relationships with their clients, subcontractors, & consultants.
Do you recommend a state license be granted to the above? Explain:
– Yes, I do recommend Cassnik Contracting be granted a state license. They have the experience & commercial construction projects.
Please mention other comments you would like to include regarding the applicant.
– In my experience, they are honest & fair in their business dealings. They fulfill their commitments & complete their projects.

Robert F VanneyOwner

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